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        1. ISO 9001 Certified
          Bearing Manufacturing &
          Repair Facility

          BSC Manufactured Bearings
          Bearing Distribution
          Ball, Roller, Radial & Thrust Bearings
          to ABMA and ISO Standards
          Timken, FAG, SNR, NTN, NSK, Browning, SKF, and more

          Z-Mill Backing Assemblies & Repair
          Bearing Repair Services
          Bearings, Saddles, Gears & Arbors
          Level 1 and Level 2 Repair

          Power Transmission
          Sealing Products
          Related Products
          Couplings, Drives, Reducers
          Motors & More
          Hydraulic & Mechanical Seals,
          Gaskets, O-Rings & More
          Adhesives, Lubricants,
          Maintenance Systems and More

          Click here to see a tour of our facility.

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